Hello world!

At my desk: therefore, in a good mood.

At my desk: therefore, in a good mood.

Welcome to Nancy White’s blog. Nothing too fancy, just articles on the writer’s life, my poetry publishing progress, books under surveillance for review, and the teaching of creative writing.


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3 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Katy Schonbeck

    Yea!! welcome white world-wide web presence!!! looking fwd to reading your

  2. Hi Nancy: In the current issue of Albatross you have three poems…No Story Here, Valley Farm, and Girl. Top shelf. Do you have these and other poems like them in a book? Chapbook? Other mags? I certainly would like to see them. Thanks & cheers, Dudley Laufman

    • nancywhitepoetry

      Hi, Dudley!
      Thanks for the very kind feedback. Always appreciated! I have some of those poems (a group I call “the farm poems) in a locally produced chapbook which you can only get through me directly, and I also have two books out: Sun, Moon, Salt (Word Works, 2nd edition 2010) and Detour (Tamarack Editions 2010). “The farm poems” were written based on interviews with local oldsters who had grown up on farms in this area, upstate New York. Eventually it will be a full-length book, but at the moment it’s a humble chapbook ($5, available through the mail at 1337 Route 59 Cambridge, NY 12816). Thanks for asking! All the best– Nancy

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