Sun, Moon, Salt

The Word Works. Winner of the 1992 Washington Prize for Poetry.

Second edition in 2009.

Says Alan Dugan:

Nancy White’s poems are written in a voice that is fully conscious of the modern horrors yet asks, “What good could happen?” These poems dream of the creation of pattern from nothing, from the dark mud of dreaming. This is something!

And Thomas Lux:

These poems are tough, funny, wise, sensuous, wild, and almost always celebratory. If you are tired of the tame and tepid, of polite poems of the parlor, then read this splendid first book by a young poet with a huge heart and the imagination and skills to match it.


Tamarack Editions, 2010.

Says Denise DuHamel:

Nancy White’s Detour is fierce, feminist, fantastic. Her wit, her precision, the threads of her narratives make beautiful and whole what is torn. Her deft syntactic disruptions mirror the domestic theater of these poems. A poet of grace and wonder, Nancy White writes poems that are substantial, intelligent, stylistically marvelous.

One response to “Publications

  1. Kathleen McCoy

    I can’t wait for this volume!

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